Support health and healing for all by becoming a member of Vancouver Aboriginal Health Society

We are now seeking:

  • General Membership
  • Board of Directors (1 position, 3-year term)

To apply for membership, complete the application form at the bottom of this page and email it to [email protected]
For Board of Directors applications, please email the completed membership form, a CV/resume, and a cover letter.

The deadline for Member and Director applications is Wednesday, September 28 at 11:59 PM.

We value all levels of professional, grassroots, education, and lived experience. To ensure we are meeting the needs and priorities of our community, we strongly encourage current/former VAHS clients and Aboriginal (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) people in the Vancouver area to become a member.

New Members and Directors will be confirmed at the next VAHS Annual General Meeting on Thursday, October 13 (5:00 PM start time, via Zoom).

All applicants will receive a meeting package and Zoom invite via email. A $1.00 annual membership fee will be due for all approved members. Submitting an application does not guarantee approval.

Why become a member?

As a member of VAHS, you can:

  • Support the VAHS purposes, vision, and mission
  • Help grow VAHS programs and services
  • Be a part of strategic planning and policy development
  • Elect the Board of Directors and apply for open Board positions
  • Gain experience in not-for-profit governance
  • Participate in committees and special events
  • Advocate for issues important to you
  • Connect with other members
  • Vote in general meetings
  • Give back to your community

Member duties include:

  • Attending the Annual General Meeting and other special/general meetings
  • Participating in committees and events (encouraged, but not required)
  • Being accountable to all VAHS by-laws

Board of Directors duties include:

  • Appointing, supporting, and evaluating the Executive Director
  • Strategic planning and high-level policy development
  • Participating in one or more committees
  • Approving and monitoring annual budgets
  • Being accountable to all VAHS by-laws and legal/ethical responsibilities
  • Collaborating with community partners and stakeholders
  • Attending 4–5 Board of Directors meetings per year, the Annual General Meeting, committee meetings, and special meetings as needed

Director requirements (per the Societies Act):

  • At least 18 years old
  • Be an individual (not an organization or corporation)
  • Be capable of managing own affairs
  • Not be undergoing bankruptcy
  • Has not been convicted of fraud or a corporate offence in the last 5 years
  • Not be employed by VAHS

Directors must disclose any conflict of interest that prevents them from acting in the best interests of VAHS (financial, social, and/or political gains).

VAHS New Member Application Form

If you have any questions or experience technical issues, please email [email protected]