Elders and Cultural Programs

Cultural Workshop Schedule & Elder Sessions

Knowledge Keeper Ruby

Cultural Workshop Schedule & Elder Sessions

This page outlines our regular weekly calendar and information on our Elder sessions. Please visit our Facebook page or Instagram for updates on our upcoming workshops and events.

For more details on our cultural program, please click here or use the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Binesi/Thunderbird Room (Boardroom), 449 East Hastings St.

All weekly workshops are drop-ins—no pre-registration required.

Mondays: Beading Circle
10:00–12:00 & 1:00–3:30
Work on a project or join a beading workshop with an Elder. Workshops include earrings, lanyards, necklaces, pins, and more!

Tuesdays: Sobriety Luncheon, Life Skills, and Cultural Arts

  • Drop-ins and Appointments: 10:00–12:00
    An open space for connecting with Elders and Knowledge Keepers.
  • Sobriety Luncheon and Talking Circle: 12:00–2:00
    A stigma-free space to discuss sobriety, build community, and share cultural teachings to support our wellness. All experiences and stages of sobriety are welcome. Homemade hot lunch and dessert served!
  • Life Skills/Cultural Arts: 2:00–3:30
    Have fun while building new skills in a culturally grounded space. New activities each week!

Thursdays: "Textile Thursdays" Cultural Sewing Classes
10:00–12:00 & 1:00–3:30
Create traditional clothing and ceremonial items, including: ribbon skirts & shirts, star blankets, sweat lodge dresses, medicine pouches, and more!

  • Please note that we provide supplies for one project per participant. If you wish to make more than one piece, please bring your own supplies. See this Instagram post for fabric details.

Fridays: "Tea Time" and Cultural Sharing
10:00–12:00 & 1:00–3:30
Visit with our Elders, play games, share cultural teachings, and be with community. Enjoy endless amounts of tea and laughter!

The program is closed on Wednesdays, weekends, and holidays.


Schedule a talking session with an Elder or Knowledge Keeper. All scheduled appointment time frames are up to 60 minutes. We have both male and female Knowledge Keepers.

Come in for a sage smudge and say a prayer with an Elder. We also have Coast Salish cedar branch brushing and Ojibway Eagle fan brushing.

Our group is culturally diverse and open to all cultures. We also enjoy and are open to all traditional drumming and singing.

To book an appointment with an Elder or Knowledge Keeper:
Jackie Hans, Cultural Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (604) 254-9949 ext. 228