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Building Blocks Program

The Building Blocks Program is an early intervention home visiting program for first-time parents with children up to five years of age. This weekly visiting program is designed to support, maintain, and enhance individual and family functioning by improving birth outcomes and parenting skills. Through the program, we provide families with access to services and supports based on their needs.

Building Blocks providers are comprised of Family Support Home Visitors, Public Health Nurses, and Social Work Consultants. As a team, they offer support by listening to you and hearing your concerns, encouraging you, accompanying you to a variety of appointments, and sharing information about community resources, childcare, parenting, and health and social issues. 

Building Blocks is free and voluntary. Referrals can be made from the last trimester of pregnancy until the baby is six months old. Referrals are welcome by self or a service provider, as long as the family gives consent.

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