Get to Know Us

Vancouver Aboriginal Health Society is a not-for-profit healthcare and social services provider that strives to improve and promote the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of people in Greater Vancouver, with a focus on the urban Indigenous population.

VNHS Grandfather and Child

Why Choose VAHS

VAHS is a safe and community-driven environment characterized by a culture of caring. This is an inclusive organization that is free from judgment and works to restore and reactivate the well-being of our clients.


Culture is healing. Culture is vital to one's sense of identity and a strong sense of identity is necessary for health and wellness. The philosophy of VAHS was founded on an Indigenous understanding of the deep connection between individual well-being and community; good health in one is essential to good health in the other.


VAHS practices a “culture of caring” and believes in meeting people where they are at in their lives without judgement. Employees and clients work to develop real relationships based on trust and respect. This is achieved by creating a community that welcomes individuals from all walks of life so that they can be, connect, and grow.

Trauma-Informed Care

We provide access to trauma-informed care and design environments and treatments that understand and account for an individual's unique circumstances and experiences. When an individual feels as though their care provider understands their journey, the likelihood that they will be willing to seek out long-term care increases.


We serve our community with programs and services informed by Indigenous knowledge and methods. We are advocates for the Indigenous community and create space for individuals to restore their cultural identity while finding meaningful connections with others.


We create an open, judgment free space where people feel accepted, safe, cared for, equal and supported while they are seeking treatment. Relationships between employees and clients are reciprocal, where both individuals have the opportunity to learn from the other.